breast man

Tshirts by E2 is running our very first “Tfund” campaign (think of it as Kick Starter but with tees) and for a good cause.

We love to give back and support worthy causes, for us breast cancer research is important – after all 50% of our customers are women and the other 50% are men who love women’s breasts! So being the brilliant tee designers we are, we came up with the “I am a breast man” design for men who want to show they support breast cancer research.

From now until November 25 you can visit our “Tshirts By E2 – I am a breast man – breast cancer research campaign” to order our very cool tee and raise money for breast cancer research. We need to sell a minimum of 50 tees to get these produced. Proceeds from this campaign will be donated to organizations supporting breast cancer research.

We also offer a large selection of breast cancer tees in our store. For each tee purchased direct thru our store, $2 is donated to the Koman Foundation, BUT with the campaign, as much as $8 from each tee sold (if we meet our goal) will go to breast cancer research.

If this tfund campaign goes well, we will be holding more in the near future…so be a “bra” and support our breast campaign…