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I little while ago the smoke turned from gray to white and a new Pope was selected – Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, the first non-European Pope to be selected in more than 1000 years. And while the world watched this old tradition of selecting a new leader of the Roman Catholic Church, I was shocked by the lack of humor some people have in regards to religion. I believe everyone has a right to their own beliefs, just don’t try to change mine. But to take anything so serious that you become violently offended by even the slightest attempt to find some humor is beyond me. A little while ago a post was made on Facebook by CP that said “Hum…put that in your ‘Pope’ and smoke it” a play on the old “Put that in your pipe and smoke it” whose definition is “Used after stating something surprising or undesired, to emphasize its truth.” Now I think that what they said makes sense…it was a surprise that the church picked someone from outside Europe, so yes I think the phrase was funny and cool – and even gasp appropriate! BUT in a matter of minutes FB was alive with customers saying it was “crass” “uncalled for” “in bad taste” “I am un-following you” “you just lost my business” and of course others like me going “how the hell could that offend you!” CP took the post down in about 20-30 minutes time, which actually does bother me.

So of course my immediate response to situations like this is to DESIGN A TEE!! Anyone who has followed our posts or designs knows we don’t mind offending people without senses of humor. So behold our Pope Watch 2013 tee “Puff Puff Pass…Puff Puff Pope