Did you ever think the banking crisis would go away? The current libor scandal defines how deeply embedded in the banking culture the crisis is. The financial meltdown started with the banks and it continues with the banks. And what did our politicians do? They gave the banks more of our money, without even asking to completely control the banks or at least asking to scrutinize their current and past practices closely. So now, the banks will pay their li(e)bor fines with the money the governments gave them in the first place. We have to admit, this is a good environmental example, the recycling of money.

Wake up world, the problem is INSIDE the banks, NOT in the government debt. That doesn’t mean the banks need to be destroyed or made to pay. But the focus should completely be on their practices, and on the why/how they have brought down the financial system. We feel, as long as politicians do not manage not hit the “nail on the head” of the problem, the problem will continue to ask for more money.

The only positive side to this is that we will keep having inspiration for more banking crisis related tshirts, although we would rather spend our time designing naughty tees.

Enjoy the banking crisis collection….