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If you read this weeks news, you may have seen an article about a woman who missed her connecting flight after an American Airlines pilot made her wait and told her that her t-shirt was too offensive and that she would not be allowed to board her connecting flight wearing it. So it seems that now wearing an “offensive” tee can get you in as much trouble with the airlines as say a pack of matches or a large toothpick…isn’t it bad enough we have TSA feeling us up, that we have to take our shoes off and we can’t even carry something to drink onboard, NOW we have to worry that our clothes might offend a pilot or air hostess!  The t-shirt that got the woman is hot water featured the pro-choice message “If I wanted the government in my womb, I’d fuck a senator”. Considering some of the tees I have seen (and designed lol)…this really isn’t that offensive…its a simple statement of someone’s beliefs…and gee I thought we still had some freedom of speech!

Well we of course were inspired by this new idiocy and made some tees…we of course can’t guarantee you will make your next flight in any of these 😉 but you can try!