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We have been very busy!! Take a peek at all the awesome and cool new t-shirts we have for you!!!


Big Bang Theory Tees

sheldon t shirt conversation is sparkling jeepers that is creepy sheldon t shirts

kangajew howard big bang theory tees  I heard it through the Nerdvine big bang theory tshirt

cast name t shirt big bang theorywhat you do is not worth doing big bang theory

brain wedgie sheldon big bang theory t shirt quantum physics big bang theory

it's only logical big bang theory  I'm Metrosexual Raj Big Bang Theory

my baloney likes girls raj big bang theory


Fire Ball - Friends t shirt - Joey Chandler Doy! Friends Chandler t shirt

cheapasaurus friends t shirt it's a mooo point friends joey t shirt

how you doin? friends joey t shirt smelly cat friends phoebe t shirt

friends cast tee not great at advice sarcastic comment friends chandler tee

Hunger Games

Hunger Games - honor and tagline tee Hunger Games Honor tees

I am a girl on fire Hunger Games t shirt I am a guy on fire Hunger Games t shirt


Posse Magnet Supernatural Dean Sam tee

Miscellaneous Movies

case of the mondays office space movie t shirt I ate the Worm Office Space T shirt


I used to care but now I take a pill for that when I am good I am very good

stop looking for trouble I never faked a sarcasm

i only look sweet and innocent I dig a hole to keep the neighbors guessing

with a fuck fuck here i'm making some changes in my life

sometimes I aim to please sometimes I shoot to kill sorry I can't go to hell

I take life one day at a time  wow I just had a multiple sarcasm

sarcastic bitch hell on wheels

what can i see i am just different my cooking is fabulous

 see, heard and done it all

i'm not a nerd i can't be good all the time

intellectual badass


I need 300 cc's of coffee stat the beerinator

money can't buy love


i enjoy a good spanking fuckaliscious

you have been very naughty penny for your thoughts

your clothes are making me uncomfortable i'll let you play with mine

smarter people have diriter minds if your feeling down can i feel you up

don't worry it only seems kinky the first timei'm not feeling myself

all you need in this world is dirty mind and someone to share it with i smile when I am having dirty thoughts

weapon of mass seduction i am the most tender loving and horny person you will ever meet

i feel violated do it again nice pants can i test the zipper



i'm to lazy for revenge most people would learn from mistakes

say I am a penis


Department of Common Sense never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups


warning to avoid serious injury don't tell me how to do my jobs teamwork