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Well it may have taken two week to post a new blog of product updates, but I think you will see we didn’t take a vacation….no instead we have created a MEGA TON (okay 69) of new cool t-shirts for your wearing pleasure.

This week we also hit a milestone on our Facebook Page101 of you lovely fans!!! Thanks for liking us…now get to work and tell all your friends how awesome we are!!! Haha isn’t that what FB is for….just kidding =) We also like to take a moment to to say thanks to some other Facebook pages who pimp out our designs and let us post some of our tees on their pages, so go check them out we get lots of inspiration from their posts:
I May Be Bad. But I’m Perfectly Good at it.(you rock)
Beautifully Oblivious

Now without further ado here are the new designs now available in the store.


I am not a stereotype

not great at giving advice   only exist when you need something

if you think I am a bitch you should meet my mother   the perception of me

my friend told me I was delusional I almost fell off my unicorn  i don't make the rules I bend them

i'm naughty but in a nice way  you're just jealous because you don't hear the voices

I don't need a good excuse to be a bad influence    cleverly disguised as a responsible adult

if you could read my mind I am pretty sure you would be traumatized for life  danger next mood swing in

I don't need a drivers license to drive you crazy


I'm a stallion - Leonard t shirt - Big Bang THeory    I'm Smart as a Whip

sickly is the new sexy  hotsy totsy cute retro flower t shirt big bang theory

do you like my bongos? sheldon t shirt big bang theory  embrace the chaos - chaos wheel distressed design - big bang theory sheldon t shirt

quirky - sheldon t shirt big bang theory  amy and sheldon's boyfriend girlfriend sing-a-long nite big bang theory t shirt


ignoranus - an idiot and an asshole t shirt    bisexy someone who is seen as sexy by both males and females t shirt

stripsy - someone who sheds their cloths when they get drunk  nillionaire someone having little or no money

intoxiturnal someone who is drunk nightly  brain cells are evil and must be destroyed drinking t shirt

relationship status  distressed cool chaos whell in red t shirt

no shirt   bar rules


CMYK robot cool pop art style tee  ray gun cmyk cool pop art tee

raygun collection cool pop art design t shirt geek big bang theory


cool guitar / bass pop art style cmyk t shirt graphic


i'm wearing no socks and matching undies    sex is like math t shirt

screw hugs I am going to tackle you tee  we should fuck t shirt

this t shirt turns white when I need sex  if the human body is obscene

the lump in my pants means I love you  you make me has thoughts that are so fucking dirty t shirt

never make eye contact while eating a banana t shirt  there will be pain involved but only if you ask nicely

one of us is thinking about sex  may I tie you up and play with you a while

I may have a bad mouth but I can do amazing things with it  how many times do I hav to like your posts before you will sleep with me

i was just having naught


more dick in your personality than your pants  my sense of humor may hurt your feelings

any connection between your reality and mine is stricly coincidental  if your package was as big as your ego I might be interested

alcohol I only drink to make you more interesting


why do it right? do it the greek way! tax season tee  VOTE t shirt U.S. election tee


atheism a non prophet organization  humanist atheist  secular free thinker rationalist

atheists make better lovers  ignorance of scientific knowledge is not proof god exists

religion disconnecting people


would you give me some trouble? I am having a little help here  perry's persepctives #1

perry's perspectives #2  perry's persepectives #3

so's your face