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We have lots of goodies for you thinks week especially for our Big Bang Theory fans….based on this weeks episode of Raj’s relationship with his new iPhone 4s and Siri, Sheldon’s new 52 part podcast series “Fun with Flags” and Leonard’s Beta-test relationship with Penny…this weeks episode was hilarious and as you can see we try to bring the fun to you. A special customizable BBT tee is available this week “My Names is (your name here) I’d rather you called me sexy” – add your name and you can have your Siri assistant calling you sexy…and everyone else too.

We have also added a few new attitude tees, and because of some issues, we redesigned and are reissuing our Honey Badger, Facebook status and Atheist Inside designs….


Big Bang Theory - Raj's soul mate - Siri     Big Bang Theory - Raj's fling with Siri
 Big Bang THeory Fun with Flags    Big Bang Theory - flags know how to hold them and how to fold them

Big Bang THeory - Leonard gets shot    Big Bang Theory - funny sex quote

Big Bang THeory - if weathermen were lizards


if my mind weren't in the gutter it would be homeless    I'm sexcellent

I care less than a honey badger    nasty

    atheist inside religious humor