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Get Scanned

We are proud to introduce the first designs in our very cool QR Code customizable Tshirts and Pre-Made QR Humor Tees. Not only are we launching these hot, new tees, BUT we are also launching a QR-mini web site and a FREE custom QR Generator to help you get started with making personalized QR Code tees! Our QR Generator is easy to use, and completely freemake as many codes as you like..and don’t worry we aren’t collecting any data, once you create the code and leave the page, your info is erased…this also means if you make a mistake, you just re-enter your information and start again. Not only does it generate a variety of data types including: Google locations, Facebook profiles, Twitter, Email messages, SMS messages, and lots more, it also allows you to select a color so your code doesn’t have to be black! (The examples above, were created using our generator.)

On the E2 QR Code web site, you will find helpful information and ideas for how to creatively use a personalized QR Code.  We are also offering for an additional cost QR “Designer Codes”. Designer codes are not your normal black and white  barcodes…no…these are barcodes on steroids! We can include multiple colors, your logo, text, even photos in the code and still have them be readable by scanners!

So whether your looking for simple, fun and pre-made QR tees or interested in personalizing cool templates with your own code we can have the tools for you!

QR Family Tree

IDEA ONE: Have a family gathering? A reunion? Why not put QR barcodes to your Facebook or Twitter pages or Vcards on a "family tree" t-shirt, that way others can scan and get to your date into their mobile devices with ease! Also makes great gifts!

QR Tribal Design

IDEA 2: An awesome tribal design that can be personalized with any type of QR Code - advertise a business, a blog, or just a personal message to anyone curious enough to scan you!