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cool barbed wireIn the light of the recent t-shirt statement war that has erupted in UK amongst Twitter users and Topman, (see full story), Tshirts by E2 would like to say that we are completely against t-shirt censorship of any kind. The fact that people complain about your slightly offensive t-shirt is their problem. You bought the t-shirt and it is your right to wear it and express your opinion or mood. If other people don’t like it, well, ask them to get a life and a sense of humor. It is a t-shirt with words, not a press conference. If you are offended or you think you will offend someone, then don’t wear it or look the other way.

cool graffiti design We at E2 do design some t-shirts with the knowledge that it may offend some people, but we cannot and  will not, curb our creativity just because some people will be offended. It is our design and our freedom of expression. We might offend some, but we are certain others will love our designs and will be proud to wear them, as we wear them ourselves. We also smirk and laugh at any cleverly worded or designed t-shirts we see, even if we don’t agree with the statement it makes. It is the creativity that gets our smiles.

cool music teeCensorship or pressure to withdraw a t-shirt design is a backward step towards freedom of expression and speech. Political Correctness is definitely NOT our style. Enjoy our t-shirts and be yourself inside them.

E2 Productions (Elias and Elizabeth)