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Arab countries rise up against their leaders in Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and more.political t-shirt showing some of the convers around the globepoliticians and diapers political tshirt

Nope I am not talking about new awesome t-shirt designs (although we have some of those too) I am talking about the current state of the “Arab Revolution“. What with the military in Egypt taking over for the former President Hosni Mubarak, the revolutions in Tunisia, the protests and violence in Libya, the demonstrations in Bahrain which have led to the disappearance of protestors (not to mention the cancellation of the first F1 car race of the 2011 season) plus other protests in Yemen, Iraq, Iran, and Morroco…most of the arab nations are in complete turmoil. Well we have been watching the situation and it has inspired up to add to our politics tees section…two new designs “Arab Revolution” tee shirt design as well as the “Mad World” showing political issues around the globe. And the ever popular “Diapers and Politicians” tee we added earlier this month.

China / American relationship political t-shirtBesides our watching of the current middle eastern situation, we also have our eyes on the ever growing concern of the China / America relationship…and of course we have a tee for that too=)