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Cyclones BLow

Category 5 cyclone Yasi to hit Queensland.

As the largest cyclone, Yasi, in Australia’s modern history closes in on Queensland, we want to send our best wishes out to all our loyal customers (we have a surprising large fan base in Queensland) and we hope they will all be safe. Yasi, has been upgraded to a category 5 storm, same level as hurricane Katrina that devastated the Gulf.

Queensland has not had a major cyclone since the 1970’s and is currently being evacuated. We have added a few special addition designs to our environment section I survived cyclone Yasi, Cyclones Blow, I survived Yasi, even a few naughty ones Cyclone Yasi made me wet and Cyclone Yasi blew me hard.

Stay tuned, if there is a coordinated disaster relief fund, Tshirts By E2 will be donating a portion of our profits from the sales of these designs directly thru our shop, to the effort. But here is to hoping that they won’t need it.