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Scrubs Beware of Birds sign

Warning sign "Beware of Birds" from Scrubs episode My Big Bird, where J.D. and Turk are attacked by ostriches.

Emergency sign inspired by Scrubs

Inspired by a daydream scene by Dr. Cox, the "In Case of Sex Emergency" from Jordan's "glass box.

We have added some cool new Scrubs designs inspired from Season 5’s episode My Big Bird.

The first design taken from Dr. Cox’s daydream scene where he uses his share of the lottery money to make a large glass box to keep Jordan in and on the side of the box the sign “In Case of Sex Emergency” and a hammer.

The second is the “Beware of Birds” sign from the patients house where J.D. and Turk go to get a “thank you”, and end up being attacked by a gang of ostriches.

So come check out the new tee designs in our Scrubs t shirt section and don’t forget to browse through our old ones too.